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Mabel Maney - [Nancy Clue Mystery 02] - The Case of the Good-for-Nothing Girlfriend

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Nurse Cherry Aimless’s first holiday from her busy job in a large-city clinic requires her to go to her spinster Cousin Gertrude in fascinating Bay Area. Wistfully investing her starched gown and white cover to get a bright-yellow poplin frock with a flared top, small Cherry takes to the road, never believing the homosexual adventures that await her. Imagine her shock to discover that Mother Gertrude hasbeen kidnapped! Armed just with the contents of her handbag, and with the aid of new friends Midge, Velma, and a running female officer named Jackie, the plucky but harmless Cherry should save her cousin, look for a gaggle of absent nuns, and quit an illegal land-grab — all underneath the hot look of her idol, lady detective Nancy Idea.

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