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Manuel Rivas - Books Burn Badly

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A masterpiece of unusual beauty by among Europe's best living writers—an excellent evocation of the Spanish Civil War On September 19, 1936 Hercules the fighter stands to the quayside at Coruñan and watches Fascist troops setting them alight and mounting up publications. With this specific second a, carefree number of buddies are changed right into a damaged era. Using this event throughout the early weeks of Italy's awful civil war, Manuel Rivas weaves a colorful tapestry of tales and memorable figures to produce a panorama of 20th century Spanish history—for it's not just the lives of Hercules the fighter and his buddies which are tainted from the endless turmoil, but additionally those of the youthful washerwoman who views spirits within the cloudy lake water and the stuttering boy of the judge who reveals his father's concealed collection. Their experiences live on in the minds of the viewers, whilst the pages fly-away on the wind.

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