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Marc Schuster - The Grievers

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The Grievers is just a darkly comic coming-of-age book for a technology thatis still struggling in the future of age.When Charley Schwartz discovers that a classic senior school friend has killed herself, he wants to simply help his alma mater arrange a memorial service to honor his fallen friend. Quickly, however, as Charley finds that his friendis moving means less for the college compared to main point here devestation converts to dislike. Whilst the funeral service rapidly degenerates in to a fund-raising disaster, Charley should also cope with a number of additional quandaries including a dead-end career being an anthropomorphic money sign, his best firnedis impending proceed to Baltimore, a treatment with a substance-addled megalomaniac, and his own continuing campaign to impose the correct utilization of apostrophes one of the entrepreneurs of nearby eating establishments.Desperate to create the planet right and maintain his own existence from spiraling unmanageable, Charley rages through his days and evenings, planning even while the greatest eulogy for his departed friend and a scathing indictment of the Planet gone wrong.

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