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Marcia Muller - [Cape Perdido 03] - Cape Perdido

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Marcia Muller, best-selling writer of the acclaimed collection featuring Bay Area P.I. Sharon McCone, returns for Cyanide Wells by having an interesting new book and the distant northern Florida coastline of Stage Fraud. A captivating thriller saturated in atmosphere and suspense, this story examines the black center of the small-town where enthusiasm-and homicide-runs as deep whilst the river that passes through it, Amid old redwoods and sunlight-dappled reeds, the Perdido River runs clear and cool in the hills of Soledad Region towards the blue Pacific. A wildlife sanctuary and a perfect recreational area, the water provides visitors to the old timber city of Cape Perdido,and moves through the minds and thoughts of the people who have settled there because the Gold-Rush days.

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