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Mary Hoffman - [Stravaganza 04] - City of Secrets

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Occur Talia, a similar-earth edition of France, the Stravaganza series includes Renaissance courtroom interest as time passes travel, subterfuge, love, and revenge.  Within this brand-new story-arc, we match Matt, a painfully dyslexic and vulnerable child (despite an attractive and intelligent partner!). Matt has just unearthed that he's a Stravagante - somebody with the capacity of travelling between two sides. A leather-bound book carries Matt from the world to Talia, where he fulfills Luciano.  Luciano has murdered the top of the effective di Chimici household in a duel, and has gone into hiding. The di Chimici are on the brink of creating a breakthrough into the world, and it'll drop to Luciano, Matt, and another Stravaganti to prevent them….

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