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Mary Jo Putney - [Fallen Angels 02] - Petals in the Storm

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BETRAYAL AND lOVE,An awesome grasp of sensuality, Rafael Whitbourne, the Duke of Candover, gained his rakish status within the silken boudoirs of London’s highborn girls, never offering his hand or his center. A important objective for his government requires Rafe to London to work well with the Countess Madga Janos, “the many stunning traveler in Europe.” He's shocked to learn that the smoky-eyed temptress isn't any Hungarian countess, however the fraudulent doxie who betrayed him twelve decades earlier—the only girl he ever loved, and the only one he’s ever hated. Margot Ashton desires only to leave from her violent past and the man who destroyed her life. Again into war—and a whirlwind of passion sweeps Rafe and Margot into a passion that can't be refused in which a diabolical piece might dive a region but patriotism binds them together in a shadowland of interest.

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