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Mary Jo Putney - [Fallen Angels 04] - Angel Rogue

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* A Romance Writers of America RITA finalist for Best Regency RomanceThe Rogue…A grasp traveler using the experience of a fallenangel and a darkly heroic past, Lord John Andreville returns to his ancestral house in Yorkshire following a dozen traumatic decades spying against Napoleon. But nothing reduces his ravaged nature until a motivated youthful elegance sweeps into his life.…and the RunawayHalf Mohawk and all National, Maxima Collins is just a cautious stranger in a strange land, but she'll allow nothing stop her trip to London to understand the truth about her father’s unexpected death—not a self-appointed protector who's all sluggish appeal and harmful skill.Together they travel across Britain, evading pursuers and circling one another in a dance of need, where truth is challenging and only enthusiasm is certain. Subsequently dim strategies break their idyll—and only love has got the capacity to recover the past.PRAISE FOR ANGEL Criminal:“Pure miracle. .

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