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Matthew Gallaway - The Metropolis Case

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From the smoky music places of 1860s London towards the collapsing skyscrapers of twenty-first-century Ny, a sweeping story of love, music, and the individual heart’s longing for connection Martin is just a forty-year-old attorney who, despite his success, seems confused and disconnected from his existence in post-9/11 Ny. But even while he involves terms with all the problems of his past, he queries whether his existence may experience more real heading forward. Decades earlier, while in the Ny of the 1960s, Anna is meant to be always a grandedame of the worldwide phase. However, she understands the unpleasant glare of popularity might be significantly more than she bargained for. Maria is just a large, clumsy, ostracized teen eager to liberate from the doldrums of 1970s Pittsburgh, as she steps in to the limelight. Once the operatic energy of her remarkable speech brings Karen to Juilliard, Ny appears to maintain options which are both exciting and uncertain. Lucien is just a small French in the start of the current period, rushing through the roads of Europe within an joyful bet to be always a vocalist for the ages.

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