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Matthew Glass - End Game

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End-Game is just a strong geo political thriller occur 2018 that explains the develop into a conflict between your navies of the planet's superpowers, US and China off the Horn of Africa. Two apparently unrelated occurrences - the massacre people medical volunteers by an unknown guerrilla faction within an African war-zone, and a corporate raid to weaken the share-price of the Ny based lender - set the wheels in-motion. The book explains, with documentary accuracy and effective credibility, the reactions of the UNITED STATES leader and his counterpart in Beijing; the options tendered from the governmental advisors, economic watchdogs and military institutions on both edges; those things of Special Forces on the floor and of the provider teams sent for the Indian Ocean, and the increasing clamour of the planet's press whilst the situation escalates towards disaster. The climax of the book replicates and opponents the actual existence ending of the Cuban missile crisis fifty years earlier: the commanders on both sides notice that the very first shot fired may have life-threatening effects.

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