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Melissa F Hart - Holiday Romance Collection (A Husband for Christmas; Christmas Choices; Holiday Interlude; Lost in the Woods; Out of Bounds; Buried In the Snow)

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Save 75% (on the buying price of the publications if bought individually) on my incredible total assortment of sensual vacation love. You Can’t Have-But One-Man Hidden Within the Ideal - Volume 1 Winter or Spring - Volume 2 Your Decision - Volume 3 Smokey Mountains trilogy Lost in the Woods - Volume 1 New Year Want - Volume 2 Be Mine - Volume 3 Fraudulent Looks Vacation Interlude - Volume 1 Recovering From Him - Volume 2 Returning Home - Volume 3 Period of need A Spouse for Christmas - Volume 1 New Year Shock - Volume 2 Winter Enthusiasm - Volume 3 A Large Country Hotel Tale Out-Of-Bounds - Volume 1 Purely Business - Volume 2 Unfavorable Competition - Volume 3 When Mischievous Becomes Therefore Good Christmas Options - Volume 1 Covered Up with Ribbons - Volume 2 A Brand New Year - Volume 3 *** Second Version - Recently Released and Modified by January 2013 Type: Erotic Romance / Vacation Romance / Winter Romance, duration: 140,800 phrases. ***

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