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Merline Lovelace - [Garretts of Wyoming 01] - The Horse Soldier

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Decided to find her lost spouse, her young daughter and New Orleans belle Julia Bonneaux have created an extended and hazardous trip to the Wyoming place. But at Fort Laramie Julia discovers, rather, a bit of her past as she comes face-to-face with Main Andrew Garrett: the running rogue she'd privately married six years before, the Marriage traveler who'd tricked her,and the man she believed was dead each one of these years.Time has reduced the discomfort of Andrew's weeks in a Confederate prison--but not the storage of Julia: the temptress who'd tempted him, the girl who'd almost ruined him,and the spouse who currently wears another man's band. Tim is torn between desire and duty, when she walks back to his life, requesting his aid. Today, together with his heart --and his job --in risk, he should choose from the promise of a brand new start and the misconceptions of yesteryear.

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