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Michael Cisco - The Great Lover

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He lives in the sewers, and within the black world-between channels, the trains shrilly contact one to the other impaired and huge at nighttime - black dashing stop, lease by yelling trains, Such as the gruesome fisherman fish of the ocean's greatest locations, he's an otherworldly scavenger moving in gusts heavier-than avalanches, sluggish as glaciers, a marine wasp having a bridal practice of tingling nerves that float in the sewage period and again tangling in women's desires. From Erika Cisco, writer of The Divinity Student, comes a novel of thanatos and eros. The Truly Amazing Fan, the sewerman, may be the hero who nevertheless bears the torch of existence and libido. Naughty Frankenstein, uproarious animation devil, pet of the train conspiracy, witch-doctor of feculent tired and enchantment veteran of folies d'amour, he stands, or shambles, as our last champ from the monochrome, white-sound causes of Vampirism.

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