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Michael Crummey - Galore

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Champion of the Earth Writers’ Prize for Best Book, Caribbean & Canada and the Canadian Authors Association Literary Award; Finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Award for Fiction, the Thomas Head Raddall Atlantic Book Award, and the Winterset AwardWhen a whale beaches itself around the shoreline of the rural coastal community of Heaven Deeply, the final thing the townspeople be prepared to find within it is just a guy, quiet and reeking of seafood, but extremely living. The finding of the strange individual, quickly christened Judah, sets the city rushing for solutions as its most notable people weigh-in on whether he's man or animal, blessing or curse, wonder or devil. Although Judah is just a surprising improvement, the city of Heaven Deeply has already been saturated in strange people. King-me Vendors, self-employed patriarch, has it set for an inscrutable lady as Devine’s Widow, with whom he's a decades-old feud identified simply.

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