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Michael Foley - The Age of Absurdity- Why Modern Life Makes It Hard to Be Happy

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In a wry undertake how contemporary culture is antithetical to happiness, Michael Foley offers a philosophical but massively enjoyable face of the social landscape—and pops up smilingThe good news is that the truly amazing thinkers from background have suggested exactly the same techniques for happiness and fulfillment—the terrible news is that these come out to function as the very things most frustrated by contemporary culture. This knotty problem may be the topic of Michael Foley's wry and available analysis into how the appealing states of wellbeing and fulfillment are continuously compromised by modern-day life. He investigates the evasive situation of joy typical to philosophy, religious theories, and present-day mindset, then shows how these are getting increasingly hard to use in an environment of high expectations. The most popular problems of sustaining a connection a full time income, getting, and aging have become battlegrounds of existential fear and self-loathing in conspicuous consumption that is demanded by a culture, high-octane relationships, and everlasting childhood. Fundamentally, in the place of denouncing and rejecting age, Foley provides an enjoyable technique of not only taking but adopting modern day world—finding joy in its absurdity.

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