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Michel Faber - Under the Skin

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Praised as "unique and disturbing, an Animal Farm for the brand new millennium" (The Wall Street Journal), this first novel remains long following the last page hasbeen turned.Described like a "intriguing psychological thriller" (The Baltimore Sun), this enchanting novel presents Isserley, a lady driver who accumulates hitchhikers with large muscles. She, herself, is small-such as for instance a child peering up within the controls. As they open to her, uncovering clues about who might miss them if they must vanish damaged and uncomfortable, yet strangely sensual and terrifying, she listens to her hitchhikers. At the same time scary and gentle, Underneath the Epidermis takes us on a heart-thumping ride-through dangerous place-our very own ethical instincts and the limitations of empathy.

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