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Nan Ryan - The Princess Goes West

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Three developed love games by Nan Ryan about a cowgirl, an outlaw, and an established European queen discovering their prospects in the National WestIn Outlaw’s Hug, a girl joins a team of tough-riding outlaws. The child of a soldier slain in an extended-before raid queries Mexico for justice, as she starts her job as a rebel. His fevered mission might ruin Cordell’s group of outlaws, but only when he is able to resist the charms of the sexy young woman who rides such as for instance a man.In Created in the Stars, the stunning legend of the Wild-West show sparks using the touring spectacle’s newest supplement: a taken guy, elevated from the Shoshoni. Together, they attempt a separate journey that'll change both of the lives forever.And within The Princess Goes West, the heiress of the kingdom moves to the Brand New World looking for a lot of money.

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