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Nelson DeMille - The Charm School

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Number 1 Ny Times-Bestselling writer, Nelson DeMille, provides an intense thriller of global intrigue and high voltage governmental pressure occur modern Russia.On a dark road deep inside Russia, a American tourist accumulates a most unusual passenger an U.S. Bang away from home by having an amazing secret to show an unsuspecting planet. The key issues "The Charm School," a huge and astounding KGB conspiracy that stands set from the very heartland of America. Arrayed from this rebel energy of the Soviet state are several Americans: an Airforce official, who'll travel one last secret mission in to the middle of the crazy research; an embassy contact, who'll have her expectations for a saner superpower stability cruelly examined; and the principle of the CIA's Moscow place, who'll discover his elaborate dance of success and death achieving its disastrous conclusion.

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