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Nina Post - One Ghost Per Serving

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Her writing is taken by praise for One Ghost Per Serving: " One Ghost Per Serving to still another level by the addition of a brand new crease of writing components which teeter the tale between supernatural humor and severe personality advancement." - Don Schlising"Below the humorous area it handles heavy concerns like low self confidence, self doubt and relationship difficulties." - Felicia Wetzig"If you like a fun and light read, this really is it!" - Gwen GardnerAbout the guide:Eager to restore his family's love, a self-questioning father embarks on a mission to get a relatively difficult competition, and finds he's alone who are able to stop a great virus from spreading through the food supply.Eric Snackerge has already established a tough time recently. He lost his scholarship, after being held with a mischievous nature and got charged for a scandal that left him penalized in the legal profession. Today he's working two minimum-wage jobs and is eager to show his wife and daughter that he may put his life back together -- before his best-friend-turned-adversary swoops in and takes his household away.When Eric discovers about an unique competition, he understands that winning the grand award may help him create his daughter's aspirations become a reality. But he'll need certainly to defeat their own self-doubt -- and of course the apparently impossible odds -- to be able to make that happen goal.However, this is not your run-of-the-work contests.

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