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Patterson, James - [Alex Cross 12] Cross

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Wedding alarms ringDetective Alex Mix and Bree's wedding plans are placed on-hold when Alex is known as to the scene of the properly executed murder of two of Washington D.C.'s many damaged: a deceptive lobbyist and a filthy congressmen. Next, the gunman starts picking off other crooked politicians, causing a fire of ideas--may be the marksman a hero or perhaps a vigilante?An assassin returnsThe situation explodes, and the FBI assigns broker Max Siegel towards the analysis. As Alex and Siegel fight over legislation, the killings continue. It becomes clear that they're the job of the professional who has comprehensive understanding of his patients' actions--info that merely a Washington expert might possess.Caught in a life-threatening cross-fire As Alex suggests using the sniper, Siegel, and the marriage, he gets a call from his deadliest foe, Kyle Craig.

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