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Paula Begoun - The Original Beauty Bible- Skin Care Facts for Ageless Beauty 3e - 2009

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The all-new third edition of The Initial Beauty Bible is Paula Begoun’s most complete guide yet. Extensively researched, this refreshingly straightforward guide cuts through advertising nonsense to teach customers on all facets of elegance, including just how to construct a situation-of-the-art skin-care program, select a cosmetic doctor, and apply make-up such as for instance a pro. It offers the most recent data and analysis on every possible cosmetic development, with an unique focus on skin-care elements, and describes the professionals and cons of kinds of cosmetic surgery and remedial methods within an interesting, easy-to-comprehend design. Since the most important subjects in beauty in an informative, no-holds-barred method, and full of money-saving ideas, The Initial Beauty Bible claims Begoun’s status as “The Ralph Nader of Rouge.” For visitors of ages, it’s the best guidebook to wise beauty.

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