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Philippa Carr - [Daughters of England 12] - The Return of the Gypsy

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In early-nineteenth-century England, a lady dangers scandal, shame, also her own life to get a banned enthusiasm As soon as the fine, raffish stranger with the platinum earring tosses her a hug, Jessica Frenshaw is enchanted. Rumored to be always a half-Spanish wanderer who are able to forecast the near future, Romany Mike is unjustly placed on trial for killing. Following the consensus banishes him from England, Jessica despairs of ever seeing him again. But one fateful evening, Mike Cadorson returns to recover what he's lost—including the woman who rescued him from the gallows. From the ballrooms and luxurious properties of Regency England through the sour bloodshed of the Napoleonic Wars, Return of the Gypsy weaves a mesmerizing story of blackmail, murder, and unlawful enthusiasm like a woman risks everything for the man she loves—a man who isn’t what he appears.

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