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Powers, Tim - Declare

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Like a youthful double-agent infiltrating the Soviet spy network in Nazi-occupied Paris, Andrew Hale finds herself swept up in a solution, much more callous battle. 2 decades later, in 1963, he'll have to face again the nightmarethat has haunted his adult life: a life-threatening incomplete procedure code named State. From the corridors of Whitehall for the Arabian desert, from post-war Berlin for the roads of Cold War Moscow, Haleis eager mission pulls him into global politics and gritty espionage tradecraft -- and inexorably pushes Hale, the hot and stunning Communist broker Elena Teresa Ceniza-Bendiga, and Kim Philby, mystical traitor to the British cause, to a life-threatening conflict on the large glaciers of Mount Ararat, in the darkness of the fantastic and risky Ark.

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