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RaShelle Workman - [Forever First 01] - Touching Melody

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Compliment for Pressing Tune:"I liked this tale of two lost souls, toughened up and mentally closed-off by their conditions, who themselves through music and popped up to one another." ~ Stacey Wallace Benefiel, writer of Crossing"Pressing Tune is just a haunting love story full of chills, thrills and strategies that keep consitently the pages turning right up unto the speechless end." ~ Kate Ashton, writer of Every Little Piece.Summary: existence is not fairly, however, you need certainly to release and shut your eyes, beats she's applied to  Martin's first weekend at university is nothing Often. It is crazy, such as the wilderness which the College of Bellam Springs rests. Roped into likely to a fraternity party, she literally goes into Kyle Hadley. The child she's liked since she was nine.

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