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Richard Raymond - Dreambox Junkies

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THE LONG RUN: A dizzy world of Maternosuppressor tablets, Mindseye enhancements, Erotoroutines, Psychotrichology and infamous, bad virospooks such as for instance Ill Nick. And the Dreambox, the best in digital entertainment, utilizing the ability of the individual mind to move one to your individual paradise.For a tough-headed career-woman like Sesha Roffey, this laying around thinking your lifetime away is purely for geeks and losers. And to get a struggling young mother like Ruth Deitch, stumbling and hooking-up is rarely a choice. Nevertheless, Ruthis hooked sweetheart, Paulie Rayle, isn't any regular dreambox buff: he seeks to desire into being fully a complete new reality—kinder, milder and more genuine than that one.

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