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Rick Riordan - [Tres Navarre 01] - Big Red Tequila

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Everything in Texas is bigger,actually murder.Meet Tres Navarre,tequila consumer, Tai-Chi master, fake P.I., having a penchant for Texas-dimension trouble.Jackson "Tres" Navarre and his enchilada-eating kitten, Robert Johnson, draw into San Antonio and discover nothing waiting but difficulty. 10 years previously Navarre quit city and the recollection of his dad's murder behind him. Today he is back, searching for solutions. The more Tres digs, attempting to put his doubts to sleep, the cleaner the decade-old offense appears: Mafia contacts, building website payoffs, and clever politicians' activities all conspire to destroy his homecoming.It's apparent Tres has stirred up a hornet's nest of trouble.

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