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Robert D Lesslie - Angels on the Night Shift- Inspirational True Stories from the ER

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Mixed revenue of more than 250,000 clones show the impact John Lesslie's first three books have experienced on visitors. In Angels on the Night Shift, the next book-based on his thirty years' experience in the ER, Dr. Lesslie pulls open the curtain on the lifestyles, the dramas, and the near individual contacts hidden away behind clinic surfaces--activities that, morning and night, expose nurses, physicians, patients, friends, even strangers to become "angels" in disguise.Hope, beauty, love, caution, and religion all intermingle in these fast-paced tales as readerswitness perception and confidence during misfortune and triumphobserve minds and reasons starkly revealedcatch glimpses of wonders because they unfoldsee needs for split-minute actiondiscover life-lessons for themselvesReaders may acquire a screen on some Of life's greatest secrets and miracles because they reveal personal joys and challenges of individuals the same as them.

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