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Robert Rankin - Retromancer

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Inside the latest madcap journey from Robert Rankin, history has gone askew and it is as much as the main one and only Hugo Rune to face down aliens and creatures galore so as to put anything in its correct place There is large and bad miracle upon the face of our Planet, and history has therefore been transformed. The Germans have won World-War II; America is just a nuclear wasteland; and toughest of all of the breakfast selection in the Spouseis Thighs Restaurant in Brentford is helping bratwurst as opposed to the correct English chicken. Once the world is all wrong and it requires environment correct, the only hope left is Hugo Rune, a guy who provides the world his guru and requires only that his costs be covered. Hugo, also called the hokus bloke, the Lad Herself, and the Retromancer, sets out to rewrite history the way in which it must certanly be, with the assistance of his devoted acolyte and friend Rizla. Together they go back to war torn London to resolve the 12 cosmic conundrums based on Hugois individual tarot deck, each secret leading them nearer to your final frightening conflict.

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