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Robin Schone - Awaken, My Love [MF]

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    • Added Added: Sep 22, 2021 (1 Month Ago)
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Robin Schone's debut love was an instantaneous feeling and an ideal introduction to her innovative design. In this brand-new edition of her classic story, inaccessible so far, she provides her trademark mixture of enthusiasm and suspense,with a shocking twist. Dream Created FleshWhen thirty-nine-year-old Elaine Metcliffe awakens one day, she's amazed to locate himself in a strange bed, in another millennium--inhabiting your body of another girl. In this, her "new" life, she's committed to English baron Charles Mortimer--dark, stunningly fine--and bent not just on influencing the resentful young lady he considers her to be, but training her in methods of bodily enjoyment Elaine hasn't dared to assume.

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