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Roger Crowley - City of Fortune- How Venice Won and Lost a Naval Empire

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The fall and rise of the Venetian kingdom stands unparalleled for plot, drama, and pure luxurious majesty. In Town of Bundle, Roger Crowley, acclaimed historian and Ny Times-Bestselling writer of Powers of the Ocean, applies his narrative ability to chronicling the incredible five-hundred-year journey of Venice for the peak of power.  Tracing the entire arc of the Venetian imperial tale for the very first time, Town of Bundle is presented around two of the truly amazing accidents of earth record: the ill-fated Last Campaign, which culminated in the sacking of Constantinople and the carve-up of the Byzantine Empire in 1204, and the Ottoman-Venetian Battle of 1499–1503, which observed the Ottoman Turks replace the Venetians whilst the pre-eminent naval power in the Mediterranean. Between were three generations of Venetian historic dominance—years of trouble and plunder, piracy—during and cure which a little town of “lagoon dwellers” increased in to the place on earth.

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