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Russ Cooper - Shark Beast

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Within this well-known sequel, small sexy film-makers arrived at Bird's Cove to create a quickie exploitation "Shark Beast" video on the beach where in actuality the real assaults happened annually ago.Distracted by corny film-producing and sexy behind-the-scenes tricks, they do not depend on the shark beast's return.Also incorporated: "sneak peeks" of four additional Russ Cooper books --the initial "Shark Beast," "Girl On A Laptop," "Vampire River," and "By All Means, Rome."-----RC creates two types of books -- wealthy Hitchcockian secrets ("Girl On A Laptop" and "By All Means, Rome") and zippy Roger Corman-esque creature-features. Think which class the "Shark Beast" sequence suits?The 2nd inside the shark beast trilogy blends Hollywood satire, attractive figures, and plenty of munching, this time around incorporating a little of the "Twins Peaks" feel for the supernatural pieces hinted at in the very first one. Features a set-bit similar to the caught-in-a-car amazing orgasm in "Cujo."----Other Books By Russ Cooper:SHARK Animal -- An unusual shark-like monster that may strike above and below-ground in addition to in the water causes chaos one Halloween evening at Bird's Cove boardwalk. GIRL ON A LAPTOP -- A girl hiding under a metal bed using a laptop directs a desperate information to some stranger on New Yearis Eve.But is her request for aid actual, or perhaps a drunken pc nuisance--and may youthful Phoebe manage to take the opportunity that there could be a madman on the loose?BONFIRE OF THE GOBLINS -- For the first time ever, the legendary attractive significant secret of love, deceit, unexpected betrayals, nicely-set traps, secret and weird animals is accessible for the first time in this amazing--and unique--extended fresh and glossy special-edition, a luxurious journey of escapism and Ponder, easily accessible, solely on Amazon.VAMPIRE LAKE -- A sprained pair piece a homicide, a tad too near to Vampire Lake.BY ALL INDICATES, ROME -- Someplace in Rome is concealed an invaluable bottle of wine.

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