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Saima Wahab - In My Father's Country- An Afghan Woman Defies Her Fate

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Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, at age three Saima Wahab viewed while her father was arrested and taken from their house by the KGB.  She'd never see him again. When she was fifteen an uncle who lived in Portland, Oregon introduced her to America.  Needing to learn a whole new language, she nevertheless graduated from senior school in three years and went on to earn a bachelor's degree.  In 2004 she signed on with a security company to are an interpreter in Afghanistan, never acknowledging that she'd fire the path for a new type of diplomacy, making the Confidence of equally high-position U.S. military authorities and Afghan warlords alike.             When she found its way to Afghanistan in the wintertime of 2004, Saima was among the few university-qualified female Pashto speakers in the whole nation. She was surprised to understand how small U.S.

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