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Sandor Marai - Portraits of a Marriage

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A rediscovered masterwork in the famous Hungarian author Sándor Márai, Pictures of the Relationship is actually a surprising pursuit of the pie of entanglement.A rich couple in bourgeois culture, Ilonka and Chris seem to have a good partnership. Their house is beautifully furnished; their garments are well-tailored; they relocate essential groups. And nevertheless, to sensitive Ilonka, her option in decoration is never great enough, and her looks are never reasonable enough to completely get the love of her partner, who has taken with him a solution that's long tormented him: Chris is in love with Judit, a peasant and slave in his childhood house. For Judit, nevertheless, actually Peter’s passion can't surpass that which she enjoys most—the possibility of her very own independence and another with no restrictions of the culture that's trapped all three in a vortex of love and loss.Set from the background of Hungary between your conflicts, Pictures of the Relationship provides further “posthumous proof of [Márai’s] overlooked brilliance” (Chicago Tribune) and his beautiful, extremely seen evocations of compromise and yearning.

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