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Sandy Fussell - [Samurai Kids 02] - Owl Ninja (retail)

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    • Added Added: Sep 22, 2021 (2.6 Yrs Ago)
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The distinctly gifted samurai children are back prepared and — to get together with a ninja family! — whilst the fast paced fighting techinques sequence continues.Across the area, a drumbeat echoes. For five days, the mountain ryus will be called by the drum to battle, such as the samurai children in the Cockroach Ryu. Only Japan’s therefore, the war can be stopped by feudal emperor Sensei and Niya Ki-Yaga trigger on the difficult trip with the Roaches, whose company uncommon abilities and companionship must certanly be put to the test to be able to plead the Emperor to steadfastly keep up serenity.

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