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Sharon Griffiths - The Lost Guide to Life and Love

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Follow food author Tilly Flint as she finds her origins, her sense of adventure and the key to happiness in this classic, creative story for followers of Eva Rice and Elizabeth Noble.Do the solutions to Tilly Flint's potential rest in her previous?In a club saturated in the rich and popular, an attractive design advances from the window and escapes in to the night. Food author Tilly Flint - on the date with sweetheart Mike - is single witness to her trip. Little does she understand the sequence of events set-to unfold…The subsequent week, Mike and Tilly have the final of numerous quarrels, departing Tilly alone in the open Pennines scenery where sheis on task. Scared yet oddly exhilarated, she investigates the area - and discovers greater than a few surprises.Intrigued to discover that, being an only child, she's family in the area, Tilly begins to search further, finding her great-grandmotheris previous and the eerie parallels with her own life.

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