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Sharon Page - [Regency Prison Break 01] - Escape with a Rogue

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For followers of Elizabeth Hoyt and Stephanie Laurens, in the writer of the fascinating Us Today Best-Seller The Membership, comes a remarkable new number of tantalizing Regency romance.***Born right into a world of crime and hatred, Port Travers was raised doing something to endure. Hell-bent on living on his own terms, he discovered to prosper in the shadows, creating an empire of gambling hells and racehorses.Condemned to Dartmoor prison’s hell on earth for a killing he didn’t dedicate, Jack’s only consolation is the fact that he'll never again carry night into the life span of the main one girl who thought he was anything greater than a misplaced soul.Until Girl Madeline Ashby sneaks into the jail in a clever disguise, filled with an audacious intend to free him from damnation and show his innocence—even if she drops her own along the way. Decided to free him from his headache, Madeline may encounter any barrier to pull him from darkness in to the light and displace recognition to Jack’s spirit. Together, they'll encounter unavoidable prison walls, an obsessed detective, an assassin who'll kill to preserve strategies hidden—and the defenses around one damaged man’s center.

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