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Shawn Hopkins - The Solomon Key

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The Puppet Experts are prepared to usher within their prophesied paradise - another planet although their global efforts are supported by us to enslave us thinking that we may, the remainder of us will not be about to find out. Nevertheless when the missing bit of their diabolical problem is found by archeologists, their end-game is going of the carrier, Except the historic relic has slipped in to the hands of an unsuspecting Matthew Scott, a guy who would like nothing besides to remain off the grid, concealing from his former workers and the dreadful sins they'd him dedicate. As armies of skilled murders look him down, and with vast amounts of lives caught inside the bad cross-hairs of the new world order, Scott should arrived at terms with his future, as the whole world, retribution for his crimes, and the only real person he's ever cared for all hold inside the balance."An action-packed thriller, THE SOLOMON IMPORTANT is steeped in occult background in addition to spiritual prophesy. It requires place inside a potential "New America" as the stage is finally set for world government.

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