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Simon R Green - [Deathstalker 08] - Deathstalker Coda

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“Deathstalker Coda may be the newest, last, and potentially the very best payment of Simon R. Green’s vast space opera, a tale filled with over-the-top amazing fights, unforgettable characters, weird turns, sudden facts, action, large armies, and visceral battle scenes. From the noblest of characters for the vilest of villains, from the basest of con-men towards the deadliest of murders, from the absolute most inscrutable of aliens for the nastiest of shocks, this guide has it all.”—SF Website Significantly more than two generations before, furious and grief stricken after dropping Owen Deathstalker, Brown d’Ark joined the Chaos Maze—which provided off her natural feelings and changed her in To The Horror, a drive with the capacity of consuming galaxies. The recently resurrected Owen should make use of the forces he acquired during their own stay static in the Chaos Maze—and return over time to avoid Hazel’s change, to avoid her.

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