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Small, Bertrice - [O'Malley Saga - Skye O'Malley 01] - Skye O'Malley

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In the incomparable Ny Times-Bestselling author Bertrice Small comes a heroine as spectacular as she's legendary.SKYE O’MALLEY Indomitable and daring within an age of royalty and rogues, Skye O’Malley is just a girl who holds her unbridled sensuality as valiantly as she fights for her kids, her fans, her kingdom. A woman of justice and recognition, she'll match wits with and challenge the absolute most dangerous and powerful woman of her period: Queen Elizabeth I.Though Skye may be the subject of each man’s dream, merely a handful have experienced the excitement of tasting her attractive passions–men whose own bold activities match her unique forays right into a world of lust, desire, and amazing future. Skye’s is just a spectacular story that reaches in the emerald hills of Ireland towards the rich palaces of Algiers to the helm of the delivery kingdom, where she'll pay her best fight for love and retribution contrary to the overhead itself.“Small makes cover-to-cover passion, an enthusiastic sense of history, and suspense.”–Publishers Weekly“Small proceeds to show himself worth the name king of sensuality!”–Literary Occasions

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