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Starla Kaye - The Marshal's Rebellious Bride [Blushing]

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Whiskey, the naughty imp of Dodge City, believed it was bad enough for her siblings to market their stocks of her dad's farm with their People Marshal buddy, Morgan, but what was a WHOLE LOT WORSE was that these males all had it in your mind that Whiskey might really wed Morgan--this difficult, company, BIG guy she'd hardly achieved before. Morgan believed Whiskey simply required a strong hand to keep her in-line, but Whiskey, who's constantly getting tied up in absurd, hazardous circumstances, is almost impossible to manage, and things get even more complex when her twin brother makes town, throwing up even more trouble athome. But Morgan includes a dim darkness following in his course, threatening the peaceful life-he designed to produce with Rum. May they come through this together?

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