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Stephanie Madoff Mack - The End of Normal- A Wife's Anguish, A Widow's New Life

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An intense, tragic memoir from the widow of Mark Madoff and child-in-law of Bernard Madoff, the very first real inside account from a relative that has survived - and lived through - her very own deeply personal misfortune and both public disaster. Once the information of Bernard Madoff 's Ponzi scheme broke, Americans were outraged and shocked, maybe none more so than the unsuspecting members of his own family. After understanding that their fatheris legendarily effective wealth-management organization was "all only one big lie," Mark and Andrew Madoff switched their father in and stop all connection with both parents. Mark and his girlfriend, Stephanie, strove to create a clean start for the benefit of the two young kids, but Mark couldn't overcome his feeling of disgrace and betrayal -he and other family unit members were prosecuted for $200-million in October of 2009.

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