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Steven Montano - [Blood Skies 04] - Crown of Ash

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Eric Cross and his team have now been to hell and back, but their trip isn’t over yet.Marooned within the distant legal town of Blacksand, the only real way for the mercenaries to get home would be to assist an area crime boss safeguard his areas in the Ebon Cities.To confuse issues, Danica Black can also be being hunted by The Revengers, a strong group of infected prison wardens, while Cross herself is caught within the Whisperlands, a world of night managed by a cadre of evil mages referred to as the Shadow Lords.The team can fight their way through corroding wastelands and life-threatening vampire outposts, but actually their substantial abilities mightn't be sufficient to truly save them from the cruel machinations of the Darkness Lord’s mystical grasp, a malicious beast that has altered their destinies correct from the beginning…Return for the world of The Black in Book 4 of the BLOODSTREAM HEAVENS tale!

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