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Steven Pressfield - The Profession

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The “master storyteller” (Publishers Weekly) and best-selling writer of Gates of Fire, The Afghan Strategy, and Killing Rommel returns with a sensational, chillingly possible near-future thriller concerning the increase of the privately funded and worldwide military-industrial complex. The year is 2032. The 3rd Iran-Iraq conflict is finished; the 11/11 dirty bomb attack on the port of Long Beach, California is shrinking into storage; Saudi Arabia has quelled a coup; Russians and Turks are contrasting in the Caspian Basin; Iranian armored models, backed by the satellite and drone energy of the Chinese partners, have surfaced from their enclaves in Tehran and are significant south trying to regain the resource-rich place that were taken from them, within their view, by Lukoil, BP, and ExxonMobil and their independently-financed armies. Everywhere military pressure is for hire.  Oil businesses, multi-national businesses and banks utilize effective, cutting-edge mercenary armies to manage worldwide mayhem and safeguard their riches.  Actually nation-states recruit mercenary forces to curb internal insurrections, search terrorists, and do the black bag jobs essential to keep up with the new-new World Order.

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