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Tell Me When It Hurts - Christine M. Whitehead

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Archer Loh, Ivy-League graduate and Olympic driver, hasbeen carefully groomed to be always a government murderer but, right now of choice, she instead selects law school, her college girlfriend, and a peaceful existence in Ct, making her chaotic apprenticeship behind as her own little secret. When her only child is killed and the killer goes free on a technicality, Archer ditches job, family, friends and mounts to locate justice. Cleaning on her life-threatening abilities, and assisted by a shadowy and well heeled vigilante team, she attempts to find meaning in her discomfort and grounds to keep getting another breathing by applying personal retribution. At her lowest ebb, Connor McCall, Harvard-informed monetary baron switched Wyoming lamb rancer, stumbles into her life, taking with him their own devils.

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