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The Great Bedroom War - [The return to Redemption Series 02] - Laurie Kellogg

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Romance Writers of America® Gold Heart® FinalistShe's attempting to your investment enjoyment in her ex's hands He's decided to keep it this way Samantha Riverà is in control of her own life for the very first time and doing his damnedest to advise her New businessman. She's trying to remove her phone-all-the-pictures ex-spouse from her desires, however it's type of difficult neglecting the Zorro look-alike who's prepared to do something for her, except provide her the only real a couple of things she desires--another infant and his love. Mike foolishly attempts guidance from her Don Juan ex, who, furthermore, might charm the knickers off a nun, when their 14-year-old child Dani--whois keeping an unstable remission from leukemia--rebels. When corporate vice-president Nicolàs Riverà returns to Payoff, Pennsylvania, to simply help manage his rebellious child, he finds he not just has severe opposition for Mikeis love, but Dani has a crush on the child who's the final child Nick wishes her thinking about.

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