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Tina Leonard - [Callahan Cowboys 06] - The Renegade Cowboy Returns [HAR-1411]

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The Rebel Rubbish Results"If you should be Promoting Anything, I'm-Not Purchasing, Cowboy." They were not the hottest terms of welcome for Gage Phillips, who's just been called representative of Dim Diablo farm. Along with that, the Tx rover recently discovered he is a dad. The final thing he wants is just a lady buying him around, as well as driving him insane with need,particularly now that he's considering healing his footloose ways. Ireland appears quite a distance from Chelsea's new lifestyle to the Callahans' New Mexico distribute-which now features a young girl and her dad: a raffish Arizona cowboy with a slow-moving, simple smile who's tossing attraction directly in Chelsea's route! But a suggestion? Gage surprises even herself with this 1.

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