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Tony Mitton - Down by the Cool of the Pool

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    • Added Added: Dec 20, 2018 (2.6 Yrs Ago)
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From the designers of Tigers can not Party, Down By the Cool of the Pool is just a sure fire hit with fun, rhyming text, and crazy illustrations.Thereis flipping and flopping, splishing and splashing, wiggling and waggling down by the cool of the pool. The remainder of the team, and frog, Duck, Horse, Pig dancing and play their way through this crazy, watery fantastic tale told with a bold, lively pictures and different rhyming text. The enjoyment is absolutely contagious, and you simply could find yourself dancing and singing along side his frolicking buddies and Frog. Kids will enjoy this rollicking farmyard run, an experience in audio exercise--ideal for the unlimited child.

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