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Tracy Brown & K'wan & Angel Mitchell - Flirt

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In the biggest names in urban hype comes an accumulation of unforgettably warm stories of urban love.Flirting with Catastrophe by Tracy BrownChloe Webster is definitely an all-around-the-way woman seeking her writing degree at Hunter College. Then she meets Trey, a fine and well-dressed kitten with cover sway. When Trey tells Chloe he is seeking a diploma in psychology, Chloe believes she's finally met somebody who has his head screwed on right. But as Chole’s flirtation with Trey intensifies, secrets are exposed and she discovers that she’s enjoying with fire.Wild Cherry by K’wanGina is committed to a man who more than takes excellent care of her, but her lifestyle of luxury comes with a cost that she’s unsure she will pay anymore.  Princess’ man doesn’t observe her as any more than buck signs—as long as she keeps using her body to create within the piles.

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