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Vachss, Andrew - [Burke 05] - Blossom

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Within the number of Burke, Andrew Vachss has provided modern crime fiction among its most enchanting people. An abused child raised in orphanages, foster homes, and prisons, Burke is just a career offender and outlaw who takes and cons to get a living.    In Bloom, a classic cellmate has summoned Burke to some diminishing Indiana mill town, in which a small boy is charged with a crime he did not dedicate and a sprained serial sniper has switched an area lovers' lane right into a killing field. And it is here that Burke fulfills Bloom, the amazing, gorgeous young lady who has her own good reasons for locating the murderer—and her own concept of vengeance.  Thick with environment, cruelly effective, this really is Vachss at his uncompromising best.

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