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Vachss, Andrew - [Burke 10] - Safe House

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In Burke, Vachss offered viewers of crime fiction a hero they might have confidence in, an avenger whose sense of justice was cast behind bars and tempered on New York's meanest streets.  Within this extreme new thriller, Burke is attracted into his ugliest situation however, one that entails an undercover community of abused girls and the sleekly innovative stalkers who've designated them as their individual victims.       Burke's customer is Crystal Beth, an attractive outlaw with a tattoo on her experience and an objective burnt into her heart.  She's attempting to protect one of her costs from the vengeful ex with fetishes For pain and Nazism. However the stalker includes a guard, someone so knowledgeable, so callous, and so linked he need only create a few telephone calls to turn off Crystal Beth's procedure for good—and Burke along side it.  Sinuous in its difficulties, raw in its impetus, Safe-House is Burke at the fringe of his nerve and cunning.  And it's Vachss at the top of his kind.

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