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Virginia Henley - [Douglas-Kennedy 02] - The Border Hostage

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Ny Times-Bestselling author Virginia Henley provides her trademark energy, enthusiasm, and warm sensuality for this work of love fiction–a memorable story of a headstrong Englishwoman kidnapped with a Scotsman seeking enthusiastic vengeance,.Raven Carleton is every inch the British woman. But with this morning, as she gallops across the seacoast, Raven is considering her independence, not her impending betrothal to aristocratic Christopher Dacre. Abruptly whenever a guy seems right in her way Raven is pressured to pull control. Silhouetted from the sky, he's magnificent–a darkly effective stranger who'll change the span of her life.When Scotsman Heath Kennedy initial glimpses Raven Carleton, he views a beast of these infinite loveliness, she takes his breath away.

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